Listes de son

Ici il y auras toute une sélection de son de GRANDE qualité. une liste fait par mes soins.

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Breakcore is a form of Hardcore [EDM] characterized by the use of complex chopped breakbeats. Breakcore songs are typically noisy and chaotic, and often feature samples from a variety of media including music, movies, and video games. Read More



Flashcore is an avant-garde form of IDM that seeks to abandon traditionally established music formulas in favour of extremely complex rhythmic structures, staccato based textures, and psychedelic digital soundscapes. Read More



Dubstep is a genre of Electronic Dance Music characterized by heavy bass, broken beats and spacious sound which emerged from the British underground scene. It has roots in UK Garage, Grime, Drum and Bass (bass drops) and Dub (rewinds), and is typically either instrumental or supplemented with vocal samples, though a few producers still collaborate with real MCs. Read More



 Gabber, meaning "buddy" in Dutch, is a fast-paced, energetic form of Techno, often in the 160-220 BPM range. Its hallmark is a distorted kick sound, which is overdriven to the point of creating a square wave that forms a recognizable melodic tone, as well as synthesised melodies and pitch-shifted vocals. Emerging in the Netherlands, it soon found popularity in the early 1990s, and continues to have a strong underground following in the rave and club scenes across many European countries.Read More

Hardcore Breaks

Hardcore breaks is considered to be a revival sub-genre of Breakbeat Hardcore and part of the nu-rave scene. It is written in the same vein of breakbeat hardcore, but hardcore breaks differs from it by using contemporary production techniques and influences from other genres such as UK Bass, Dubstep, contemporary Drum and Bass and Footwork. The genre mostly remains underground with little mainstream popularity.  Read More


Intelligent Dance Music, most commonly known as IDM, is a term invented in the early 1990s to describe the sound of a number of electronic musicians who sought to develop dance music beyond the clubs and more into the realm of home listening. Read More


Jungle is an Electronic Dance Music style that is now known as the forerunner of most Drum and Bass genres. Originally developed in the early 90s, it began when Breakbeat Hardcore producers from labels like Suburban Base Records and Reinforced Records began experimenting with faster tempos, deeper basslines, and more complex songwriting. Read More


Microhouse is a stripped down, minimal form of House music, originating in the late 90s, which takes influence from Minimal Techno, Glitch and IDM. Read More


Techno is a broad term initially applied to the Electronic Dance Music that originated in Detroit during the late 1980s (now referred to as Detroit Techno), a style heavily influenced by Electro, though now encompasses various subgenres from all over the globe. Generally speaking, techno music is beat-driven (typically in 4/4) and repetitive in nature, with minimal chord variation. It is aimed for the club environment, where numerous records can be mixed together throughout the night, though it has inspired more stripped-down styles such as Ambient Techno and Minimal Techno which are often better suited for home listening. Read More

Minimal Techno

Minimal Techno is a stripped-down, sparser version of traditional Techno, often featuring a darker sound and a slow, steady development through the track. Repetition may be stretched further than in ordinary Techno. Read More

Dub Techno

Dub Techno fuses elements of Minimal Techno music with characteristics of Dub. Those characteristics are used to convey atmospheric deepness and enrichment of textures through sound effects such as echo, reverb, phasing and other sonic manipulation. Read More